3 Indispensable Heeled-Slippers This Summer

3 Indispensable Heeled-Slippers This Summer

What's better than slippers? You guessed it: heeled-slippers! A little comfortable lift goes a long way. Check out our picks for this week!


We absolutely love these Slash heels-on-slips. They're practical, comfortable and oh so stylish. They go with literally any outfit you wear. Get them before they disappear! 

SLASH double band

Classiness. Period. These go best with your fancy upcoming events this season. The fine details on the bands assure a top-notch look; this means you can go with a simple black dress and still look FAB. Shop them today!


Last but not least, these elegant heeled-slippers will surely keep you feeling confident and important, you know, like that high-heel feeling we all love! Click below to shop yours before it's too late!


Shop your favorites before they run out of stock and get that new shoes feeling :)

That's a wrap for today! We hoped you enjoyed our selection. Stay tuned for next week's blog 💕

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