4 Sandals You Need To Have This Summer

Sandals and summer go together like two peas in a pod. This is why we gathered 4 of our favorite sandals to get your summer game on - Let's dig in!

EQUIPE The band sandals

The ideal summer sandals with 2 bands and extra style! Shop yours today for some fun and fresh times ✨

EQUIPE Bare flat sandals

Breezy and elegant. The added print is what makes the whole look stand out. Pair it with a flowy dress or some funky jeans and a V-neck top and you're good to go! Shop them before they're out of stock!

REPLAY Brasil sandals

Studs on black; fashion winner. Love it? Get yours now for a stylish upcoming summer!

FIOCCO Platform sandals

That little lift of confidence is all you need on a hot day. The retro vibes make these sandals unique and must-haves! Shop yours today and get your retro on!

That's all for now🌞Hope you enjoyed our little selection, more to come next week!

Stay Tuned! 🌸

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