A Touch of Color

A Touch of Color

The art of using colors to make a fashion statement requires a lot of experience. This gives you a shortcut to 4 beautifully minimal styles you can incorporate into your wardrobe today!

MANAS Angel Sneakers

Minimalism and rhinestones is indeed a thing! A simple trace of shiny flickery stones can add the perfect contrast to it’s black background. Order yours today!


Shone Dynamic

And here’s the classic full on white sneakers with a little color on top! It’s loved by many and honestly could work with anything!!


SHONE Low Top Sneakers

How about going for a full black mode? Matt all over with a simple line of shiny black to break the silence. It’s a calm yet outstanding addition to your daily outfits.


CANAPE the Sneakers

Yellow and black really do work so well together! Order yours today for that perfect pop of yellow!


The fashion industry has been slowly but surely going towards an innovative side of incorporating colors in a simple yet fashionable way. Stay tuned for more!

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