Four Boots That Will Make Your Winter Less Gloomy

Four Boots That Will Make Your Winter Less Gloomy

You can almost smell it in the rain; the morning after a heavy storm night, mud puddles, raindrops on a lazy morning, winter is right on our doorsteps. And while winter might be gloomy and draining, there’s one thing that always makes it better; boots!

Since winter still has a few weeks to make its full appearance, this gives you the perfect time to start searching for the boots which will keep you warm and stylish all season long. Here’s some of our winter favorites.

Equipe Slick Boots

Slick, smooth, leather and stunning. The boots will keep your warm and make a fashion statement with each heel drop.


BLUEROSE Low Top Boots

Winter is about comfort, and how can you not be comfortable when you’re wearing these brown EQUIPE Boots?


Equipe Thigh High Boots

Thigh high alert! These thigh-high leather boots from EQUIPE are made for more than walking, they are made for power strutting!



Warmth is one thing you will never miss out on when you have VIDORRETA fluffy top shoes on!


When it comes down to choosing your boots for the winter, there’s no wrongs or rights, there’s only comfort, fashion, and Shoe Avenue!

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