Every year or so a new style fills up the world of shopping and takes customers on a new journey of experience. And every year some styles remain to stay as they have anchored their way as a fashion trend for life. Everyone has said at one point “I feel like wearing something vintage” so here are four shoe styles which have stayed and will remain a constant in one’s closet.

Classic White

It’s a simple rounded design and color that has kept this shoe an icon for a few years now. Why? Because it can go with anything and keep any style looking fresh. Order yours today!

Shone Dynamic


A Timeless Pair

I can just imagine my grandpa wearing these back when he was a young man, walking down the pavement as girls fangirled over him (Our grandpas were the IT boys). Get your vintage vibes with these classy pair today!

Classic Oxford Shoes


It’s a feeling

You know what’s timeless? Comfort. And a low top sneaker is THE SHOE for that time when all you want is a nice pair of shoes to go with your attire and not hurt your toes. Order yours today!

Btw don’t you think these would look awesome with some vintage jeans and shirt? 1998 where you at!

SHONE Low Top Sneakers


Simple Black

A full-on black pair of sneakers will always be on someone’s list. Just like white, black goes with everything AND adds on that elegant, simplistic yet edgy feel. Order yours today!!

XTM Ultraboost Sneakers


Honestly we can’t wait to see what trends from the present and future will join the family, what about you?

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