Hologram Styles We Love

Hologram Styles We Love

A hologram is “a physical structure that diffracts light into an image.” Throughout the years, we’ve seen holograms in many interesting applications, like in Star Wars movies and on money bills and credit cards.

This hologram effect has actually revolutionized fashion too! From tops, to jackets, to bags and nail polish, we’re totally in love with hologram shoes trend specifically! They are attractive to look at from a purely aesthetic point of view, but are also special for their perfect union between traditional design and current, technological and science breakthroughs that keep updating it.

Today, we selected our top 6 hologram styles at Shoe Avenue that are sure to catch all eyes!

OTTIMO Track Trainers Sneakers

This shoe will give you a dose of electric glam to rock your everyday outfits! Grab it now & rock on!


REPLAY Lace Up Sneakers

Get the complete trendy look to make you shine all day long! These sneakers are a great design that stands out among the crowd.


REPLAY Slip on Sneakers

Prefer a style free of laces with some electric sparkle? Get this slip-on made just for you!


ASSO Sandals

Your kid will love these shoes that turn into magical rainbow prisms in the light! Surprise her with it today.


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