The Perfect Shoes For Her

The Perfect Shoes For Her

VALENTINES DAY, it’s a lovely yet haunting thing. The concept of getting a gift could be magical for the receiver and hectic for the giver but it’s quite simple if you look at what they usually love, like SHOES! If you have a shoe-aholic in mind, Shoe Avenue is here to show you four pairs of shoes that would make her heart beat fast.


A shoe lover finds a message in every pair she chooses. And these ankle boots say “ elegance can be fierce too”



Side zippers, laces, and buckles. The trio to make your edgy shoe lover fall in love in more one way.


SLASH High Knee Boots

A statement boot is a High Knee boot. Her fashion sense wont go unnoticed with these pair of leather babies.


EQUIPE Bedazzled Boots

The lights height just right, and she’ll be catching the eye of everyone around. Her boots will shine brighter than the stars.


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