Is Velvet Still a Thing? Three Shoes That Say Yes!

April has knocked our doors and summer is getting closer day by day. Dear velvet lovers, your time is coming to an end as heat and velvet are a challenge to mix. But wait! You still got two months ahead of you to enjoy your favorite texture! Here are three spring friendly velvet styles you can still rock!

Cowgirl Style

Guess what? Cowgirl is still in style! The best thing about these is that their length offers enough comfort to still flaunt them during April. Get yours today!


Get Low

Ankle length sounds amazing am I right? With a little buckle to keep a little edge in your walk!


Zip Me Up

Hello, spring nice to meet ya! Fancy a little zipper style in your closet? Order yours today!


Having a specific sense of style can be a challenge to keep up all year round. Remember to keep comfort and style on a healthy balance so the fashionista in you stays up and present!

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