MATCHING WITH MOM: Three looks you could rock with your little one

They say a daughter is a mother’s best friend, and we believe it to the core. You don’t need to have a twin to wear cute matching clothes with, all you need is your mini-you. Here are three pairs of matching shoes for you and your cute one.


Sock sneakers are cute on their own, just imagine the awes you’ll get as you walk along with your girl. Black with white, fits like a puzzle piece. Get yours today!

HOLALA Sneakers


Studio Italy



These matching HOLO shoes will definitely keep all eyes on you. Get ready to be the highlight of everyone’s day! Order your pair today!

ASSO Kids Sandals


OTTIMO Track Trainers



Heart eyes emoji works perfectly with this look, no words needed 😍. Too adorable!

HOLALA Trainers


MACARENA Lace-up Espadrilles


Honestly matching clothes is a cute opportunity for a mother and her daughter. So why not do it! Get your favorite pair today, and get your camera ready!

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