My Race, My Pace

My Race, My Pace

Life keeps going at its own pace, and we’re the ones who have keep catching up to it. Running towards our goals, our dreams, trying to make them all come true. Climbing up the hills of challenges life throws at us. For everyone reading this, congrats no how far you’ve come so far.

And as a gift, here are four pairs of sneakers to be part of your daily hustle towards your goals.

DIXER Running Sneakers

Found in both pink and blue, its hugging foam and easy slip will make sure your feet are as comfortable as can be while you run through your day. Oh and by the way, they’re on SALE.

Get yours today!


Low-Top Sneakers

Black on black anyone? Get some balance into your daily routine with these subtly designed sneakers. Shop them today!


Pro Run Sneakers

These lace-up sneakers will keep your feet dry and comfortable during your everyday workouts, thanks to its lightweight design. Give them a try!


Perforated Low-Tops

Black and white, perforated sneakers for optimum comfort and performance. Tickle your fancy??


And remember, everyone has their own race in which they walk at their own pace

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