Our Three Trendiest Avant Garde Styles

Our Three Trendiest Avant Garde Styles

How about owning a very unique style of shoes? Avant-garde shoes are unusual ones, which are guarantee to catch the eye and not let you fade in the crowd! The avant-garde pushes the limits of what is accepted as the norm or the “rules”. Because at Shoe Avenue, our number one rule is forgetting the rules! Wear whatever you love, style is defined through strong personality! Today, we selected our top 3 experimental and innovative styles that’ll make you stand out.

OTTIMO Low-Top Sneakers

We love these fashion-forward sneakers! Made with smooth leather and a textured rubber sole, the special lace and back-strap design are on point!


STUDIO ITALI Triple S Sneakers

Check out this unique design! Walk around proud and stylish with these killer sneakers, available in 4 different colors! Which is your favorite?


EQUIPE Espadrilles Sandals

These innovative multi-color sandals are simply gorgeous. Look at that lace fabric and striped heels! Get that WOW effect and grab them now, in pink or blue!


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