Our Top 4 New Sneakers

Our Top 4 New Sneakers

Did you ever wonder why sneakers are called sneakers? Well, back in time, shoes were made with solid bottoms and were actually loud when walking. Soon enough, rubber soles were invented and sneakers got their name because we can walk quietly and sneak around in them! Today, sneakers have become very popular and come in many amazing styles. To help you out, we’ve selected our top 4 sneakers from our new collection, for all the family!

SHONE - Black and Pink Sneakers

Ladies, this is one of our absolute favorite sneakers. Super stylish, super comfortable, super trendy. We love it most in pink, what about you? Shop your favorite now!



Elegantly comfortable, this black design is a star in our new collection! Grab yours today, available in black leather and grey velvet.


SHONE - Black Navy White Sneakers

The new collection features plenty of styles for Men’s! We totally love these sneakers, shop them now to keep you stylish and comfortable all day, everyday!



Kids need sneakers for their fun adventures! How about you surprise them with this unique style from Paris?

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