Print of the Season

Print of the Season

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to consider a cherry print to freshen up your wardrobe! Well I know what you’re thinking… You will NOT look like a walking picnic.

The cheerful, '90s-inspired design first started popping up back last February – it was featured in many collections and expanded to include a full-on cherry look like sweaters, shorts, jewelry, shoes… You name it. Now cherries are literally EVERYWHERE!

Playing with fashion is pretty easy nowadays. Just add some fun to your white on white with a cherry twist; whether on earrings or shoes or you can jump to beachy straw bags with some vintage sneakers for that retro vibe feeling.


Not into sneakers? How about pairing it with some flat tanned leather sandals for a daily wear or even for a walk on the beach. If you’re looking for something less casual, strappy high sandals and classic loafer mules are great options for a date night… platform wedges can work too!

Aren’t we all just super excited for this season and its bright colors? Jumping from red to yellow to blue with these denim shorts and getting CRAZY with different styles and patterns. Let the countdown begins ladies and happy shopping everyone! 🍒

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