Replay Espadrilles Biggest Trend

Replay Espadrilles Biggest Trend

Hand-stitched shoes were first sold at about 5 Euros on the streets in Europe. They became so iconic and trendy that major brands started manufacturing them. Replay has topped the scores with its high quality, tasteful style, creative material, and innovative designs. We're very proud to sell this brand as it reflects what Shoe Avenue is all about. We love brands that offer comfort and style at affordable prices. This is why we have decided to show you the latest pieces of Replay espadrilles that absolutely must be in every girls' shoe closet this year!

Let's start with this classic lace-up espadrilles. Hand-stitched golden color with a slight glitter effect is the most basic and essential piece to wear every day. This pair also has a cushion around the ankle so it provides the utmost comfort, as well as a high flat sole.



 Our next piece is a slip on, but with a slightly more edgy pattern. These cool espadrilles are made of sequins and are camo pattern. A very trendy style this year! Not only that, but it also gives so much comfort especially if you're always out on the go. Simply slip it on and have effortless style! 



 This next one is for the fashionistas! Lace up espadrilles with a gold chain, and a very stylish little scarf playing as chunky laces. You'll be sure to stand out with these pair! Find your size and shop now!


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