Sandals you will LOVE

"The summer night, has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne" - Bryan Procter 🌸🌸

We all need to go out and breathe these days - might as well do it in style to feel like our best selves. Check out our 3 picks for your lovely summer night out. 

EQUIPE Appliqué flat sandals

Love these classic black with a twist of gold and little heel push up. They'll leave you elevated, confident and stylish. Shop them before they're gone!

REPLAY Lone ‘ sandals

Studs love is real and so is leather love. Talk about a mix of both! This one is for sure our go to sandal this summer and we are loving it. Get yours today - available in tan beige too!

EQUIPE Platform leopard sandals

Chunky platform with a funky leopard print. These sandals are a top choice if you want to feel good without struggling with high heels. We absolutely love the print! Stay elegant - shop yours!


That's all for today :)
We hoped you enjoyed our little selection. 
Stay Fab!

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