Sleek & Sexy! Heels we're mad about.

Sleek & Sexy! Heels we're mad about.

Would you believe high heels were originally made for men? They were a big sign of aristocracy and royalty. Luckily now, women have taken over the gorgeous trend and we're thankful that it's ours! Heels are every woman's favorite type of shoe. They not only give length, but also elegance and a sassy sense of style. You can wear them casually or to formal events, especially to celebrations! We've gathered our absolute favorites that are must haves this season. Check them out!

First our beloved Canape twist pump. This heels comes straight out of a fairytale with it's glitter and shimmer. It's a champagne color with a gold heel. Honestly, this is too good to wear to only celebrations. We would also style this up with a pair of jeans either on a night out or even during the day. It's too gorgeous to keep for special occasions! Find your size fast!



Walk like a model in these! These platforms will make you feel like you're strutting on a catwalk the whole time. Simple and elegant, high pump for high style! Find your size now!

These pointed black suede mules will be sure to rock your outfit any day. Wear them with jeans a big statement earrings and you'll be good to go! Sleek stiletto heels for extra sass, we're loving these classics! Find your size! 





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