Top 4 Formal Shoes 4 Gentlemen

Top 4 Formal Shoes 4 Gentlemen

Calling all men of the Shoe Avenue family! We’ve got perfect formal shoes for you. Whether you have a wedding, meeting, job interview or basically any formal event, you’ll find what you need right here. While clothes are naturally a major part of how you present yourself, choosing the right shoes is just as important. Today, we’ve selected our top 4 shoes for all you gentlemen, from pure formal styles to a mix of formal/comfy casual!

MARIO C. Leather Oxford Shoes

First of all are these classic leather shoes that should belong in every man's closet. Shop them today and tie your whole outfit together!


MARIO C. Leather Oxford Shoes Brogue

This brogue style is a very flexible design because it is made of two pieces of leather, perforated with a pattern. Wear them with a suit to achieve a polished, smart look.


ABATE Jump Sneakers

This design is the perfect balance between smart and casual footwear! Smarten up your outfit with a style that combines the elegance of formal leather shoes with the comfort of sneakers.


KEBO Suede Casual

Do you prefer velvet over leather? We got your back with a style that mixes smart and casual to create a clean, sophisticated finish.

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