Your Guide to Loafers

Your Guide to Loafers

Loafers are a classic footwear that are always in fashion! With little changes to the original design, it’s getting more popular today than ever.

Varied designs and types available for men, women and kids, this is still one of the top casual shoes at Shoe Avenue. It always adds a dash of professionalism too! Shoe Avenue loafers are not only stylish, they’re also really comfy too, what more could you want!

Socks or no socks Works on a suit or on jeans?

Find below our guide to styling the many loafer types available in-store and online.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are one of the most popular loafers out there. They’re good for everyday wear as well as formal occasions, with a low heel combining comfort and casual elegance. This type works with socks too. Here are our top picks for the family:

Women: ARIZONA JOE Penny Loafers


Men: ARIZONA JOE Penny Loafers


Kids: LARK & Finch Kids Loafers


Hazel Loafers

The classic shape of this leather loafers is re-imagined for Spring and Summer! The front is completed with a metal detail and the leather is specially selected for its softness while holding its structure. It’s perfect for everyday wear and looks great on jeans.

ARIZONA JOE Leather Loafers


Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers are flexible: they work well on suits, and for everyday wear at the same time. It’s a rather creative loafers featuring a round toe with keen stitching details.

ARIZONA JOE Tassel Loafers


Driving Loafers

Driving loafers, are, you guessed it, most comfortable for driving! They’re easy to wear on shorts and jeans as they are chic slip on flat-sand casuals.

XTM Driving Moccasin


Slipper Loafers

The slipper loafers are classics that belong in every man’s wardrobe! Get these black leather slip-on loafers that feature an almond toe and a low block heel.

ARIZONA JOE Slip-on Loafers


Pump Loafers

Pump loafers are equally formal and comfy. Combining a modernist aesthetic with high-quality construction and around-the-clock comfort, it looks great on tuxes!

CANAPE Ballerina


Boat Loafers

Boat loafers are good on shorts and jeans, for everyday wear too. Get these fun styles in multi-color!



Espadrille Loafers

Finally, the espadrille loafers is a go-to style! Find your favorite designs at Shoe Avenue, the options meet every taste!


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